Mandatory masks could be coming to Mankato

Mankato City Council began the debate over whether to make wearing masks mandatory in indoor businesses and facilities.

Mandatory masks could be coming to Mankato

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Many Mankato businesses like Fitness For 10 and Bumbelou might have to learn to incorporate these in their everyday lives.

Mankato city leaders are starting to talk about an ordinance that would require local businesses and customers to wear masks at all times indoors.

These establishments include gyms, movie theaters, shopping outlets, bars and restaurants.

The council has been discussing the potential ordinance for a couple of days now, but no further action has been made.

There are many business owners who say they are not happy about the potential requirement, but will comply if need be.

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“Well, I think we will do whatever city officials tell us to do. As a staff, we are already wearing them. As members go you know we’ve had some push back already when we recommended that it might make working out hard. They might get dizzy, lightheaded,” Fitness for $10 General Manager Chad Ziemke said.

While the owner of Bumbelou, Jenna Odegarde, has an opposite approach to the situation.

“I truly believe that wearing a mask is a small act of love that we show to all of our customers. We show it to our kids that come in here, we show it to our elderly customers. We do have high-risk customers that may be pregnant, and so we just want to show love to everyone, and it seems like such an easy, easy way for us to do that,” Odegarde said.

There are plenty of consumers who say they are split in their opinions about the mask debate as well.

“To me, the gym is the last place that makes sense. I can maybe see it in a hair salon when you are in close contact with that person, breathing, but the gym it doesn’t make sense,” Fitness for $10 customer Calissa Guentzul said.

Don’t be shocked if you see more masks in and around the area.

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