Guiding caregivers through unique challenges

Guiding caregivers through unique challenges

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The Active Aging Programs of Catholic Charities of Southern Minnesota is continuing efforts to aid caregivers in the unique challenges they are faced with.

For the third year, the six-week evidence-based program Powerful Tools for Caregivers is sharing tools and skills for caregivers to implement in their practices.

Program leaders say continuing the conversation surrounding caregivers and their personal health is vital in becoming a better caregiver.

”It’s not an easy job to be a caregiver and with that job comes a lot of stress, a lot of emotions, a lot of feelings that kind of take you by surprise and so this class is all about them and ways that we can change that, so they do end up having a better relationship with their car receiver and in turn taking better care of them also. If someone is burnt out and angry and bitter, they’re not going to give the care that they would like to give,” Administrator Mary Cassem said.

Cassem added that after two sessions, she saw the attitude and perspectives of participants dramatically improved.

The class is typically face-to-face, but has moved virtually amidst global health concerns.

For extended information, you can call 507-387-5586 ext. 3 or visit this link.

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