Health care workers to help administer absentee ballots

Health care workers to help administer absentee ballots

(KEYC) — Absentee voting officially starts Friday for the Minnesota Primary Election, and health care workers are playing an additional role in this year’s election.

Health care workers in nursing homes and other facilities will be trained as election judges to administer absentee ballots to residents.

Under normal circumstances, election judges would be sent to these locations.

Due to concerns over COVID-19 and access to these locations, local municipalities, like Blue Earth County, are being allowed to train health care workers instead.

“Those folks that have been identified will go through an abbreviated version of election judge training that we provide so that they understand the basics of election law, they understand how to register a voter, some of those pieces, so they can provide that voting experience for those residents,” said Blue Earth County Elections Administrator Michael Stalberger.

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