Lafayette Fire Chief transitions to rehab facility

Lafayette Fire Chief transitions to rehab facility
(Source: KEYC News Now)

MINNEAPOLIS (KEYC) — The chief of the Lafayette Fire Department recently transitioned into a rehabilitation facility 15 days after arriving at Hennepin County Medical Center on June 8.

Scott VanDeest arrived at the hospital after he was found to have a brain bleed at the New Ulm Medical Center on the evening of June 8.

Family members wrote on VanDeest’s CaringBridge page Tuesday that VanDeest was discharged from HCMC and was checked into the Miland E. Knapp Rehabilitation Center in Minneapolis.

The CaringBridge journal says VanDeest continues to experience occasional memory loss and confusion, in addition to not yet regaining full strength on the left side of his body. VanDeest’s care team says the occasional memory loss and confusion are normal and will subside as he heals, and the strength will return with more therapy.

In the most recent update on Thursday, family members say VanDeest was able to recall and recognize friends and family who participated in the daily Zoom call.

“It was incredible! We truly felt like we were talking to Scott. He knew everyone’s faces, was joking around with us all and was in good spirits. It brought us to tears,” wrote Morgan Rustman, the administrator for VanDeest’s CaringBridge.

Rustman also added that VanDeest’s speech assessment on Thursday was a 30% improvement compared to Wednesday’s assessment.

For more information, visit VanDeest’s CaringBridge.

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