Softball tournament brings people to the area

Caswell Park hosted The Mankato Peppers Rising Stars softball event this weekend

Softball tournament brings people to the area

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Balls in coming down, strike three you're out, and hey batter, batter, batter. These are all phrases that players and sports fans have been dying to hear for the last couple of months.

This weekend in Caswell Park people got to hear those phrases, enjoy some time outside and watch the occasional home run.

The park hosted the Mankato Peppers Rising Stars softball tournament which started on Friday and went through Sunday.

The location did everything in their power to make the players, fans, and coaches feel safe.

“I do feel comfortable, they do disinfectant the entire area before we come in there and you have your hand sanitizer, and what not. You don’t have anything to worry about, they did say if you have any symptoms to stay out of the park,” softball player, Brynn Swift said.

Parents were excited to see their children play, especially when a number of them lost their high school season due to COVID-19.

“She was pretty much bummed that she lost the high school season, she gets to play summer ball now so that is a plus,” softball fan, Corey Stephans said.

Softball players are excited to experience the thrill of a comeback win, team comradery and hitting dingers once again.

“We won by one, and it was super exciting just because we tied. Then we were like, ‘okay guys we got to get this’ and then came back and won,” Swift said.

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