Local woman wins body building competition

The body building event took place at Mystic Lake on Saturday

Local woman wins body building competition

LAKE CRYSTAL, Minn. (KEYC) — Breanna Ludeman nagged first place in both of her classes, which were Masters 40 and over and Bikini Open in the Bikini division.

Ages of the competitors ranged from 18 to 60, Ludeman is 42 years old. Ludeman was crowned Mrs. Minnesota almost 10 years ago before taking a small break from the competition life.

“Well I kind of have a history of competing, I have a competitive nature. I actually competed in this show specifically six years ago, it was my very first show. In three years I competed in a total of six shows over three years and took five years off. It was exciting, sometimes you need that time to regroup, and ground yourself again and come back at it stronger. Of course I am five years older coming in at 42 years old now, I think I have a whole different perspective now on the training, and the dedication that it takes and I have a great team behind me as far as my coaching,” Body Builder, Breanna Ludeman said.

The preparing process for competition is about one year long, this procedure encompasses nutrition, fitness, mental intuition, and most of all heart.

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