City of Mankato urges citizens to apply for citizen commissions

City of Mankato urges citizens to apply for citizen commissions

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The City of Mankato is urging residents to get involved with local government through a couple of commissions within the city.

The Mankato Planning Commission and Heritage Preservation Commission present volunteer opportunities for those who want a say in the direction the city is headed.

The Heritage Preservation Commission makes recommendations to the city council about promoting and preserving historic areas around Mankato, while the Mankato Planning Commission evaluates proposed planning and zoning request, subdivision review and reviews ordinance changes related to zoning matters.

Citizens are the government - Information about the City of Mankato's citizen committees

“Public participation is valuable in order to get a variety of perspectives and also to understand how the community is feeling about projects,” explained Mark Konz, associate director of planning and development. “The committees are designed to be representative of our community and participation is great.”

For more information or to apply for a spot on any of the available commissions, visit the City of Mankato’s website or complete this form.

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