Heavy rainfall impacts area fields

Heavy rainfall impacts area fields

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Monday’s rainfall also impacting area fields.

With rain totals nearing 10 inches, Ag Analyst Kent Thiesse says there is a chance those farmers that saw the extreme rainfall could be dealing with crop loss. But the big key will be just how quickly that standing water goes down.

“A lot of the corn was waist high or higher in those areas and the water was actually high enough to go over some of the corn in low lying areas of the field and that’s going to be the big key. Crops don’t grow good in standing water even if you can’t see the standing water. so it still affects crop growth so as long as the crop is able to have photosynthesis the crop can survive,” says Thiesse.

Thiesse says overall in the areas that didn’t receive the extreme rains the weather has been favorable, with adequate to above normal moisture in our region. The latest crop report from the USDA shows 84 percent good to excellent for corn and 81 percent good to excellent for soybeans.

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