Family throwing impromptu parade visits

Family throwing impromptu parade visits

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - One family is visiting households in Mankato and North Mankato with a mock parade after area celebrations were canceled.

The Kahmanns put out a message on social media asking friends if they’d like a special visit before the holiday weekend.

We’re just going around and doing our own impromptu parades just for fun,” said Lila Kahmann. “Yesterday, I just put on Facebook to some friends that the parades are cancelled, so how about we bring the parade to you and a lot of people got back to me and said ‘yeh, that sounds funny.’ So mostly just for fun. My husband was like ‘all the candy companies that don’t have parades that people are buying candy for,’ so he was trying to be just kind of sarcastic. I said ‘no, let’s do it! We’re going to have a parade!”

That family plans to possibly continue the impromptu parades through the summer if more families hop on board.

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