Mankato man rallying support for public skate park

Mankato man rallying support for public skate park

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - A young man leads a grassroots effort to bring a public skate park to the city of Mankato. Jack Fritz believes the skate park would be a way to add to the quality of life in the community.

“A public skate park would keep kids outside and active, no matter what age they are. I grew up skateboarding and I know I’ve met some of the nicest people through that sport. I just think it would bring together the community. I see a lot of that happening north of us in the cities. Close to 30 people every time I go to a skate park, so I think it would have a big following and I think it would really get kids outside and get kids involved in a sport that is usually looked down upon you could say,” says Fritz.

Again, the movement is in the early stages. Fritz has contacted the city where officials say they’re open to the idea if he can get some more support. Fritz is also using resources like the Tony Hawk Foundation to get his idea moving.

There is Chesley Skate Park in Mankato, but there is a cost to skateboard there.

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