Henderson mayor hoping special session brings fix to flood prone Highway 93

Henderson mayor hoping special session brings fix to flood prone Highway 93

HENDERSON, Minn. (KEYC) - The city of Henderson also has high hopes for the special session, pushing for a fix for a highway that has faced flooding for years.

Mayor Paul Menne says Highway 93 has flooded at least once 8 of the last 11 years. This year alone, it’s flooded three times. Menne says the best solution is to include about $20 million in a potential bonding bill to fix the area between Highway 169 and Henderson.

“The bonding request would include actually raising the road above the flood plain so even during the torrential rains we’re getting and flooding events the highway would stay open which means kids could be getting to school on the bus when school is back and commerce would not be disrupted like it is today,” Menne says.

While the actual funding wouldn’t apply in the Henderson city limits, the city has taken the lead to help the Minnesota Department of Transportation get the money they need to raise the highway.

“If we don’t get the funding what we do is we keep doing what we’ve been doing, is we persevere and continue to fight the good fight and keep at it because this is a problem that’s getting worse. It’s a known problem and it’s getting worse every year and we see that so we’ll keep going at it every year until we can get this thing solved,” says Menne.

Menne says they’ve seen flooding on the south, east and north part of town, and they’re hoping to get at least one route funded in this legislative session.

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