Mankato filmmaker featured in “Rolling Stone” magazine

Mankato filmmaker featured in “Rolling Stone” magazine

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - A local filmmaker lands in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine, for work on a music video hitting close to home right now.

The song is titled, “The World Has Gone Insane,” it’s from a group called The Empty Hearts, which is comprised of musicians from the Cars, Blondie and the Romantics. Mankato’s own True Facade got the call to produce the video.

Ryan Sturgis says,” In the midst of quarantine, I was home unable to do any other work, this became an opportunity to sort of vent in a way about where things are at, and the song “The World Has Gone Insane” obviously took on a very new meaning, after COVID 19 hit, leaving us all feeling pretty insane”

Like so many of us, Sturgis understands music has the power to heal.

“I started thinking about what, what things contributed to that insane, sort of sick feeling that we are all having, and that was the process of choosing the imagery to go with the music,” says Sturgis.

Imagery that takes us through the decades starting with the 70s.

“I wanted to start at that era and lead us through certain cultural things that may not have been so good for us in hindsight, and really focus on that division that happened here in the United States that I think is difficult for us all to handle, and we need to fix it,” says Sturgis.

After the walk down memory lane though, Sturgis wanted to end the video with images of hope.

“I’m excited to see what else we’ll see with people’s response because, I hope that it is a hopeful response, I hope that we can see what hasn’t worked in the past and see what things we can improve upon and I hope yeah...the world may have gone insane, but it doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way,” Sturgis adds.

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