Walz visits Highway 93 project, lawmakers optimistic on funding

Walz visits Highway 93 project, lawmakers optimistic on funding

HENDERSON, Minn. (KEYC) — Gov. Tim Walz visited the Highway 93 flood improvement project in Henderson Thursday where he highlighted a push for a strong bonding bill.

Walz’s visit to Highway 93 in Henderson occurs days before the current legislative special session ends where bonding bills like the governor’s Local Jobs and Projects Plan are being hashed out.

Under that bonding bill, almost $25 million is proposed for Highway 93 to raise it nearly eight feet above the flood plain which would put a stop to seemingly endless road closures.

“This is exactly the type of project that should be done,” Walz told a scrum of reporters. “We should accelerate the completion of this, we should not go through this and it should not be a way of life. When I ask someone how often is this road closed, and they say every year, that tells us we have to do something different.”

But questions to how this bonding bill will flesh out are up in the air as a divided house and senate negotiate aspects of the bonding bill and the pandemic.

“Right now, the House position is we would like to see some type of negotiation with the governor to modify his emergency powers act before we provide the votes to pass the bonding bill,” said Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen (18B).

Raising Highway 93 would provide a secure route in and out of Henderson if all three of the main roads around the town were to flood.

“We’re getting closer,” said Henderson Mayor Paul Menne. “So I remain hopeful that we can get there with this project because it means so much outside of this project if they get there. That’s a good thing for Minnesota.”

The current legislative special session ends Monday.

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