Jackson Motorplex suspends season, relocates some events to South Dakota

Updated: Jul. 29, 2020 at 10:57 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Minn. (KEYC) — The Jackson Motorplex hosted a few races this season without fans in attendance for the May events, eventually working up to a limited amount of fans.

“We had some pay-per-view opportunities that helped us do that back in May. Then when we got to June, the restrictions changed a little bit, we could have fans, but very limited,” explained Jackson Motorplex General Manager Doug Johnson. “That’s never really changed in Minnesota, that number has stayed the same throughout the last couple of months.”

With plenty of big events scheduled for later in the summer, organizers hoped more fans would eventually be allowed.

”That was all indications, especially when they opened up some of the bars and restaurants to 50 percent capacity,” Johnson said. “We expected the outdoor facilities to follow suit, and it never happened. They’re still at 250 fans which doesn’t make sense. Our facility can seat almost 7,500 people. It makes it tough to get fans in the stand and pay the bills when you only have a limited number allowed to come in.”

That led to the decision to suspend all remaining events in Jackson.

”Even if we were able to get to 50 percent capacity with the size grandstand we have that would have been do-able, but that never came about in discussions,” stated Johnson

But Jackson Motorplex owner Tod Quiring managed to acquire for this summer and some of the bigger events like the Monster Truck Throwdown and Power Series Nationals are being moved to South Dakota.

”It really helped that Tod has purchased a track in South Dakota. We’re moving some of those big events from Jackson to Huset’s Speedway just because there are really no restrictions in South Dakota right now. That way we can still have the events just 80 miles down the road,” explained Johnson.

Even though there are no more races scheduled in Jackson this year, the group is already looking ahead and putting together next year’s schedule.

”Hopefully fans stick with us. We’re hard at work putting together our schedule for 2021 and looking at building some big events for next year. Hopefully, we’ll have our schedule out in mid to late September. I think there will be some exciting things coming down the pipe for Jackson Motorplex and Huset’s Speedway as well,” Johnson added.

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