Trump eyes Minn. victory; Biden campaign says presidency has been ‘absolute disaster’

Trump campaign sets sights on Minnesota victory in 2020

(KEYC) — We’re now 97 days away from the 2020 Presidential Election.

Minnesota has voted for the Democratic nominee for 11-straight elections, but in 2016, the margin was the closest in modern state history.

Hillary Clinton defeated President Donald Trump in Minnesota by only 1.5%.

Now, on the road to Nov. 3, the Trump campaign says they are targeting the North Star State for a win.

“Minnesota is the state that we narrowly lost in 2016, but one that President Trump has remained engaged in, both politically, and with work in the administration, lowering taxes for Minnesotans and bringing more jobs and opportunity,” said Erin Perrine, director of press communications for the Trump campaign. “We’ve seen him take an aggressive stance in Minnesota and we have not politically taken our foot off the gas either. We really haven’t left the state since 2015 and that’s given us the opportunity to continue to engage volunteers, to recruit new ones, to register voters, and to be out there, spreading the message of what President Trump is doing.”

Back on Super Tuesday in March, presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden received 39% of the Democratic Primary vote and 38 delegates. President Trump received 100% of the Republican Primary votes as the only candidate on the ballot.

Rykia Dorsey Craig, the Minnesota communications director for the Biden campaign, sent KEYC News Now the following statement in response to the Trump campaign’s efforts in Minnesota.

“The Trump presidency has been an absolute disaster for Minnesota families. Whether it’s a losing trade war with China that hurts farmers, an incompetent response to the pandemic that has cost jobs and lives, or an economic policy that prioritizes corporations over families, President Trump has betrayed the trust of Minnesotans. We need a president with the compassion and experience to lift up all communities – and that’s Joe Biden.”

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