River’s Edge Hospital expansion is now complete

The hospital representatives are happy with the $33.8 million expansion and renovation project

River’s Edge Hospital expansion is now complete

ST. PETER, Minn. (KEYC) — After nearly two years of planning and then two years of construction the city of St. Peter has a state-of-the-art hospital to show off.

The $33.8 million expansion and renovation project at River’s Edge Hospital is now complete.

This project includes a variety of new and expanded patient rooms, wings, and departments, which includes a new Emergency Department and Urgent Care.

New CEO at River’s Edge Hospital says he’s looking forward to supporting St. Peter community

“We added beds on for those individuals that need inpatient care whether they’re post-surgery or whether it’s a medical-related ailment that needs to be managed. We’ve increased our therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy space, Chief Executive Officer Joe Stratton said.

The process was long, but hospital representatives are happy with how the project went from paper to reality.

“Having walked down the hallways, looked into the patients’ rooms and look at how they are organized. We saw some pictures on the commission of how the rooms would be organized, but then you look in there, it’s nice,” Commission Chair John Lammert said.

The mayor of St. Peter, Chuck Zieman, believes the community will benefit greatly from the addition.

“Not just from the immediate area through work with the orthopedic and fracture clinic for replacements, joint replacements and they need to stay somewhere and be somewhere. Since we don’t have a hotel attached to the hospital at this point, they’re going to have to use, hopefully, use our other facilities,” Zieman said.

Margaret Nelsen, former hospital chair of the hospital commission, thinks the city should be proud of this expansion.

“Such an accomplishment and such an achievement for the hospital and also a wonderful thing for the community,” Nelsen said.

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