Mayo Clinic Health System expands veteran care options

Mayo Clinic Health System expands veteran care options

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KEYC) - Through Mayo Clinic Health System Providers, local veterans may be able to receive care closer to home.

As part of the Clinic’s participation in the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Community Network, beginning August 1st veterans in the upper Midwest may be eligible to receive care in their local communities from Mayo Clinic Health System providers. This helps bridge the gap for patients who may not have convenient access to care from VA health care facilities.

Mayo wants to provide the best service possible to veterans. For veterans, it provides them an option that they did not have previously. It’s easier access to patients to Mayo if the VA cannot provide the care locally, says medical director Dr. Pierre Noel.

In addition, the agreement also includes provisions to allow for specialty care at select Mayo Clinic locations including Rochester, Minnesota.

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