Famous war helicopter unveiled

Fairmont held a unveiling ceremony for the Bell Cobra Attack Helicopter 327.

Famous war helicopter unveiled

FAIRMONT, Minn. (KEYC) - Today the community of Fairmont rallied around veterans for a special memorial.

As you can see above me this is the cobra helicopter that has been used for wars in the past. The town of Fairmont wanted to thank the veterans by putting it on display for everyone to see.

Over the past year, Martin County's memorial committee worked to restore the Bell Cobra Attack Helicopter 327.

Cobra 327 saw action in Vietnam and Laos in the Battle of Lam Son 719, which was one of the deadliest battles in that war.

Steve Chase, Dedication Chair and local vet lays out the wide range of activities that occurred at the event.

"Oh, It's just fantastic. This letter from the Governor letter, from the President. It just doesn't get any better, letter from Bell Helicopter, the people who made the helicopter. Having all these famous veterans coming in from everywhere." The congressman, the senator's here, the 717 pilots, the Vietnamese association of Minnesota," Dedication Chair and local Veteran, Steve Chase said.

The ceremony, which included the helicopter unveiling and guest speakers, was intended to provide closure for the local and out of state veterans.

"We have skin in the game like they say. This is us, this is what we did and another really important thing is that Vietnam veterans never had a welcome home. I wanted to give them a welcome home and this is part of it," Chase said.

Joe Tosolini, one of the pilot's of Cobra 327, attests to the power an event like this has.

“I’m standing by something that was apart of my life, it’s wild, it really is,” Veteran and Pilot of Cobra 327, Joe Tosolini, said.

If veterans didn’t get a welcome home all those years ago, they received one today.

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