What safety precautions to expect at the polls in St. Peter

What safety precautions to expect at the polls in St. Peter

ST. PETER, Minn. (KEYC) - The Minnesota Primary Election is on Aug. 11th, and the city of St. Peter is one of several municipalities taking extra safety precautions amid COVID-19.

The city will have sneeze guards in front of all of their election judges.

The city ordered the sneeze guards through Nicollet County with CARES Act funding.

All election judges will be provided with disposable masks and hand sanitizer.

Election judges will also be at the front door to offer masks to those who don’t have one.

”Certainly keeping the voters safe is going to be a major priority for them,” said St. Peter election official Barbara Luker. “So each voter will be given a pen when they get their ballot. That pen will only be used by that voter, and then when it’s returned it will be sanitized before it’s handed onto another voter. In addition they will use secrecy sleeves that are Manila folders that will only be used once, so one voter per secrecy sleeve and then that’s not used again.”

In addition, election judges will also be frequently cleaning hard surfaces.

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