Saint Peter Public Schools present plans for all three learning modes

Saint Peter Public Schools present plans for all three learning modes

SAINT PETER, Minn. (KEYC) — Superintendents all over the nation are preparing for a school year unlike any other.

Leaders of Saint Peter Public Schools presented three plans to the school board on Tuesday: in-person learning, hybrid learning and distance learning.

The plans cover every aspect of the school day, including what a socially distanced bus ride would look like, the flow of traffic in the hallways and different signage needed throughout the buildings.

If the school year started today, Saint Peter would be using a hybrid model.

"We're really going to lean into caution and consistency," said Superintendent Bill Granseth. "We don't want to be in a situation where we are switching that model frequently based on small adjustments in the numbers. We want to make a decision we can sustain because we know that's important for our families, students and staff."

The decision was made after hearing input from families and teachers in the district.

“Teachers really want to be with students and we know that school is the best place for students too, but we also have to maintain a high level of safety. Our teachers are excited to see our students again, but they also want to make sure that we are doing that in a safe way,” added Granseth.

Granseth continued saying planning for a year like this is difficult because decades of school protocol has to be totally remade.

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