Madelia becomes a telecommuting-friendly community

They were one of the first communities in Minnesota to make the transition to telecommuting.

Madelia becomes a telecommuting-friendly community

MADELIA, Minn. (KEYC) — Madelia was ahead of the curve with adapting their community to this technology. They became one of the first towns in Minnesota to take advantage of the rising field.

Brent Christensen, who is the vice president of Christensen Communications Company, says they were able to partner with local and state leaders on this topic.

“We passed this bill and got involved in this way before the pandemic hit. It’s critical now for people who can’t go to the office. Telecommuter forward is a program where the state of Minnesota designates us after we pass the resolution as a community. We designate somebody for being a point person for telecommuting and bring the stakeholders together. They designate us as a telecommuter forward community and we can use that in marketing our community. We can say, bring your job to Madelia, we have good broadband here and you can do your job from anywhere,” Christensen said.

Christensen believes making the move toward telecommuting will benefit the individuals that live there and the entire community as well.

“Small towns like Madelia, we’re past chasing 200 job factories. We’re trying to recruit people in our community and the best way to do that is telecommuting. It’s also an opportunity to market our community to professionals and their spouses can bring their jobs with them if they telecommute. Even before the pandemic, this was very important to economic development for small towns in Minnesota, particularly Madelia,” Christensen said.

Madelia is one of 23 total communities receiving the telecommuting-friendly designation in Minnesota.

Other communities within the KEYC News Now viewing area that were recognized on Friday include the cities of Balaton, Lake Crystal, Windom and Martin County.

The Minnesota State Legislature passed the Telecommuter Forward! Certification in 2019 and Gov. Tim Walz signed it into law.

This law says that communities adopt a model of resolution that includes a statement of support for telecommuting a single point of contact for coordinating telecommuting opportunities within their community. The information on how to contact a single point of contact for each community can be found in the table below.

Any community that is interested in becoming a Telecommuter Forward! community can find more information and an application on DEED’s website.

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