Mankato sees high interest in open school board positions

There are 19 applicants that have filed to run for four seats on the Mankato Area school board.

Mankato sees high interest in open school board positions

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The role of a school board chair is to set policies, govern over a school district and have input in Mankato public school decisions.

Mankato Area Public Schools Superintendent Paul Peterson explains how the school board members will have a lot on their plate for this year.

“There are some really big items that are on the list of things that our public schools are working through. Whether it’s obviously leading through a global pandemic and what learning is going to look like through that. Here in our Mankato area, we’re heavily invested in committing to the work of race equity. Which we know is going to be a really big goal area for our board moving forward. The financial situation of public schools is also and always is a challenge. We have some big things that we’re looking at and plan for related to facilities as our school district grows. We need to make sure we have appropriate facilities for our kids to learn.”

Peterson explains how the high interest in the school board positions shows how much interest residents of Mankato have in the education of area students.

“Mankato Area Public Schools, the school board represents all of the communities that our school district serves. They also serve pre-k which is our earliest learners all the way through our adult basic education group, community education and recreation programs. It’s a large job and a big responsibility. We’re really excited that we have so many members of our local community interested in stepping up and leading in these really important times.”

Voters will select the new school board members in this November’s election.

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