A fruity collaboration allows you to donate to a great cause while enjoying a drink

The Community Response Fund is a collaboration with the Greater Mankato Area United Way and the Mankato Area Foundation.
Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 12:45 AM CDT
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — A fruity collaboration, Berry Blast Beer from Mankato Brewery, will be hitting liquor store shelves next week with a percentage of proceeds going to the Mankato Community Response Fund.

“It’s no different in brewing any other beer,” explained Head Brewer Chris Collins. “We add a lot of the same ingredients you know barley, hops, yeast and water. However, after fermentation, we add our fruit puree’ blackberry, cherry and raspberry.”

The Community Response Fund is a collaboration with the Greater Mankato Area United Way and the Mankato Area Foundation which has raised over $400,000 for non-profits on the front lines, strapped for cash due to the pandemic.

”The non-profit organizations are often the ones who have to respond nimbly and quickly for the community,” said President and CEO of the Mankato Area Foundation Nancy Zallek. “This response fund has been able to help them with whatever their programming or projects are that are addressing the community need.”

Mankato Brewery Founder Tim Tupy wanted to help with COVID-19 emergency funds somehow.He found the Community Fund, making it easier to concentrate on what he does best.

”So we didn’t have to create anything. We could just create the beer and then donate towards the fund and really make it all happen and make it simple,” said Tupy. “We focus on making the beer, they focus on providing the funds to the people that are in need.”

With a large amount of money already donated to the fund since its inception just months ago, Greater Mankato Area United Way CEO Barb Kaus has no doubts this juicy concoction will be a slam dunk with the community.

”The Mankato area is just fantastic in giving back to those in need,” added Kaus. “It’s amazing what comes out. Over $400,000 raised for the Community Response Fund. We just have beautiful heart strings throughout the four county area.”

And remember, with limited production accompanied with a shorter shelf life for fruity beers compared to regular beers, “it’s not a beer to hold on to, it’s a beer to enjoy,” said Collins.

10 cents of every can sold will be donated to the Mankato Community Response Fund.

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