Meat-a-palooza brings farmers, producers, consumers together

Meat-a-palooza brings farmers, producers, consumers together

WASECA, Minn. (KEYC) — Meat-a-palooza aimed to connect locals with the producers of the food, and drinks, on their table.

Producers like Tony Kornder, of Kornder Farms near Belle Plaine. He thinks it’s important for consumers to meet the farmers who produce their meat, especially as many corners of the agriculture industry struggle financially.

“The consumers pay a premium, but that dollar’s not tracing back to the farmer,” Kornder said.

And caterers like Lacey Hassing, who grew up in southern Minnesota and runs her business with an appreciation for the nutrition our region yields.

“Tonight my pork tenderloin is from country butcher shop out of Easton,” Hassing said. “A lot of the vegetables are from my own garden as well. I do like using anything local, pretty, fresh, that I can.”

The night served as a fundraiser for Farmamerica’s educational programs throughout the year.

Folks could wander the socially-distant grounds, sampling a variety of meat, snacks, beer, wine, and spirits, all Minnesota made.

“There’s so many ways to ensure you’re getting your questions answered, that you are buying direct, and that you learn more about where your food comes from,” visitor Sara Hewitt, of Kilkenny, said. “This is just a really great event, I think, to learn about that.”

Producers hope visitors come out with a greater appreciation of farmers and producers and their necessity to all of us.

“Things don’t just appear in a grocery store. It has to be grown and raised and everything like that. And that, literally without agriculture, we wouldn’t be eating here today,” Hassing said.

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