Bethany Lutheran College is welcoming students back to campus

Bethany students and faculty react to being back on campus amid the pandemic.

Bethany Lutheran College is welcoming students back to campus

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Like many other schools, Bethany Lutheran College is offering the hybrid learning model. Which allows both in-person and distance learning.

“I think the switch between online and in-person if it does come to that will be a little difficult. Which is how it was like in our spring semester, being back to normal and having in-person classes is going to be really good for me. I think it’s more beneficial and easier to learn that way,” student Brent Fowler said.

There were some special adjustments that were made for the school year amid the pandemic.

“We waived the two-year residency requirement for this year because of the pandemic. It turns out we had more students wanting to live in the dorms this year than a normal year,” Institutional Communication Director Lance Schwartz said.

Some students have already partially moved into the dorms due to the scheduled move-in dates that Bethany set up to minimize the number of people in each building at one time.

Bethany student Connor Side says the new rules and guidelines make him feel safer on campus.

"Honestly, it's good to be out here. Where I'm from the mandate was forced heavily, it's nice to be back in Kato. It will be different when all of the college kids start showing up because then they're going to start enforcing things. Regarding big groups and visitation in general."

Overall, many of the students are excited to get back to campus.

“It’s already been pretty great because we’ve been back for this week. There are a couple friends that are already here that we’ve been hanging out with too. It’s just been a lot better because in Colorado, you have your friends that you grew up with. Out here, you have your college friends, it’s a lot more fun to come out here and hangout with the friends that you only get to see every now and then,” Fowler said.

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