North Mankato bar gears up for football season

Spinners Bar and Grill is optimistic about the upcoming football season and the flux in customers.

North Mankato bar gears up for football season

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Game night usually has big business at eating establishments, but this season will look a little different than in past years.

Spinners Bar and Grill is still expecting a good turnout for the football season despite making some changes.

“I really believe that we’re going to have fans in, regardless, just because it’s football. Everyone is ready for football to be back. Of course, you look at all the other sports with basketball, hockey and those who had to stop or even baseball for that matter. That didn’t start and ended playing a modified season so for football to come back even though they didn’t have preseason. We’re going to get all the regular-season games, I think people are happy and clambering to have that in their lives again,” co-owner Clayton Oachs said.

The bar had to remove a row of tables, block off some booths and take out some bar stools as well.

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