BENCHS puppy yard party spurs adoption success

Local animal shelter gave people an opportunity to play and bond with potential new, four-legged family members.

BENCHS puppy yard party spurs adoption success

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Blue Earth and Nicollet County’s Human Society (BENCHS) hosted a puppy yard party, giving people an opportunity to meet, play and bond with potential new family members.

The shelter recently received over 20 dogs from Texas. The day’s event aimed to help find them about 16 of them a forever home.

Prior to arrival, people filled out an online pre-adoption form.

Those that decided to adopt could fill out the adoption form at the shelter and snap a family photo before bringing home their newest addition.

The event, a success. As BENCHS reports all puppies from the yard party were adopted.

But adds more animals are still in need of a home.

“I think adopting is very important. Last month alone we had 111 animals come into the shelter and that includes strays, surrenders and transfers from the south, where they have a stray problem. So adopting is really important because there is a stray problem and people don’t realize that. So by adopting a shelter animal we are taking one less animal off the street," said BENCHS shelter manager Emily Braaten.

To learn more about adopting from BENCHS, visit their website here.

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