Local church celebrates 15 years of service

Two Rivers Vineyard Church celebrated their 15 year anniversary which was spread out between two days.

Local church celebrates 15 years of service

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Churches across the state have had to adapt during this unprecedented time.

One Mankato church has found their way around the obstacles and is celebrating a new milestone.

Two Rivers Vineyard Church held a two-day event in honor of their 15-year anniversary.

The first day of celebration was filled with activities that would last a lifetime.

“We did just a gathering at Spring Lake Park and we just had the chance to catch up with both folks who have been a part of the church for a bunch of years and folks that have been added to the church since we moved and Dave and Shannon have been leading, It was just a wonderful time to share conversations and stories," founding pastor, Brian Brinkert said.

Then the second day was an nontraditional parking lot church service.

“We’ve been doing outdoor services all summer so this is common for us now. We' re looking forward to being back in our space in October but we sort of have this down pat at this point. We’ve been so grateful, so blessed with great weather for the most part, but really, we just sort of got the word out. We knew 15 years was something special for a church family, for any church family," current pastor, Dave Welker said.

The founders of the church drove from across the state to join in on the festivities.

“It’s really cool to be back here to celebrate 15 years of two rivers vineyard church. Aundrea and I moved here back in the early 2000s with this dream of starting this new group of folks that would follow Jesus and make an impact in the community. We have been gone for almost four years now and it’s really cool to see that all those things are still happening," Brinkert said.

Andrea Brinkert says the gathering brought out lots of smiles.

“It was lovely to see everyone and really when you spend that many years going at building a community together with people, they become your family. They’re very close friends and it’s kind of like a family reunion and that would probably be the best way to describe it. It’s really good to see everyone again.”

This milestone is one of many the church looks forward to celebrating.

“We’re so glad that Brian and Andrea would come down, celebrate with us, who we’ve been as a church for 15 years and we’re really excited about who we are and who we’re becoming for the next 15 years," Welker said.

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