Concerns grow as Waseca prison experiences spike in COVID-19

COVID-19 concerns grow at Federal Correctional Institution in Waseca

WASECA, Minn. (KEYC) — The Federal Correctional Institution in Waseca is seeing a spike in COVID-19 challenges and some employees are expressing concern.

Federal Workers Union Chief Steward Ambjar Anderson says the prison had no cases before prison movement began.

Less than two months ago, a bus of COVID positive inmates was sent to the facility and the virus spread. Now, the facility has 84 inmates and three staff members who are positive.

“We have a pretty strict quarantine and testing procedure for how we were moving inmates as far as the bureau is concerned, and they are not abiding by the same rules as we are. It is causing issues as we are testing and quarantining, so they should be on the same page as well,” Anderson explained.

The U.S. Marshal Service does not have the same policies as the Federal Correctional Institution in Waseca.

There is no plan to stop moving prisoners and the bureau is pushing for in-person visits beginning in October, for which Anderson says, so far, there are no safety plans in place.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons issued the following statement regarding the COVID-19 situation at FCI Waseca.

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