How Minnesota compares to other swing states in the Midwest

How Minnesota compares to other swing states in the Midwest

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Minnesota isn’t the only battleground state in the Midwest this election.

It shares the title with regional states such as Wisconsin and Ohio.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D - Ohio) said the Midwest will play an important role in the Electoral College.

Both Minnesota and Wisconsin have 10 electoral votes.

Meanwhile, Ohio has 18.

“So he’s going to try to figure out a way to win states like my homestate of Ohio, your state of Minnesota and try to win the Electoral College that way," Brown said.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign said they’re positive they can flip Minnesota.

“Well as we saw in 2016, the Midwest is going to play a key role in deciding who the next president of the United States will be, and it’s very encouraging that as we head into this, not only does the president’s support in the Midwest remain strong, that we’re actually very committed to it and very positive that Minnesota is actually going to flip for the first time since 1972," said Marc Lotter, Director of Strategic Communication for the Trump campaign.

Brown said in the homestretch of the election the Biden campaign is trying to reach the region, though the campaign looks different this year.

“We can’t go back to business as usual yet until we get this Coronavirus behind us. So the vice president’s going to come to Ohio, come to Minnesota, he’s going to make these visits, not as many as he used to make. He respects people and doesn’t want to put people in danger the way this president does at his rallies, but you’re always going to hear the vice president lay out the difference," he said.

“Well you’ll continue to see the president and the vice president both across the Midwest in Minnesota, in Wisconsin, in Iowa, in places that are absolutely critical. [Minnesota is] not a state that the Democrats have had to campaign in, but because there are so many people across Minnesota who are looking to the president as the choice here in 2020, it’s forcing the Democrats to play defense," said Lotter.

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