MN Rise giving athletes opportunities to play this fall

MN Rise giving athletes opportunities to play this fall

LAKE CRYSTAL, Minn. (KEYC) — The recruiting process hasn’t been easy for high school student-athletes ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, but the quiet periods are starting to be lifted, meaning players can finally start competing in front of college scouts again.

“It gives a chance to show what we can do, show coaches that we’re good enough and want to play," Mankato West junior Mekhi Collins said.

”Now we actually have a chance to be recruited and a better opportunity," Mankato East junior BJ Omot said.

That opportunity is competing with some of the best basketball players in the area and there are a number of Division I and Division II prospects taking the floor.

“To compete with the top players in Minnesota, not just one conference, it’s all over Minnesota. To play against them, makes you better, mentally stronger," Omot explained.

”Top five, top two in the state, gives me great competition and makes me better," Collins added.

“I’ve been working all summer. I like to see how I compete against these high-level talent kids,” Nicollet senior Shane Stevenson said.

Preparing student-athletes for the upcoming high school season that is tentatively set to begin in November.

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