Search for missing woman continues in Colorado

CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. (KMGH) - The hunt continues for Suzanne Morphew, a woman who’s been missing since Mother’s Day.

Her brother from Indiana, Andrew Moorman, instructed volunteers who gathered at the visitors center in Poncha Springs.

“We’re looking for torn clothing and human remains and things of that nature,” he said.

Some of the volunteers went up to Dead Horse Gulch, others to Puma Path, near Suzanne Morphew’s home. That area was the focus of the investigation early on.

Morphew’s bike was found at the bottom of a hill “upside down, leaning against a tree,” Moorman said.

But there was no blood or evidence of injury, which makes her brother think “it was thrown over there or it was planted evidence.”

Searchers combed on foot through a heavily treed area.

One group found a mound of earth that looked freshly overturned. They started digging, but found no evidence of the missing woman.

On a nearby mountain, Moorman said he’s afraid of what he might find and afraid of what he might not find.

He said which was worse: “Not finding her. Not finding her would be the worst. The best I’d be able to get out of that is at least I did and gave a big effort.”

Among the searchers are retired Denver Police officers Dan and Donna McNulty.

“When someone needs help, it’s up to all of us to kind of chip in and help,” Donna McNulty said.

They said they couldn’t always help when they were both working full-time jobs. Now they have more time.

“I know the sheriff personally of Chaffee County, and anything we can do to help them and help Andy and his family get through this, it’s the least we can do,” Dan McNulty said.

Moorman said he wants to find his little sister and bring her home. He said they’ll continue searching through Monday if necessary.

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