Crystal shop holds weekly fairs

Christy’s Crystal hosts the Crystal Psychic and Healing Fair every Saturday at her shop.

Crystal shop holds weekly fairs

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - “Energy healing, palm readers, tarot card readings. I’m a psychic medium, Kaleena does medicine cards, sound therapy, there is a variety of people and each weekend there is different people here to provide their service," owner of Christy’s Crystals, Christy Steinbach said.

These are all things that Christy’s Crystals showcases in it’s weekly fair.

Every Saturday in Christy Steinbach’s Riverfront Drive Shop, the Crystal Psychic and Healing Fair gives the community an alternative way to view the shop’s essence.

“They’re really about providing a service to the community of healing and insight and energy work. Helping your energy get to a better place," Steinbach said.

Steinbach says, her deep rooted passion for crystals gives her reassurance of her future.

“I’ve been into this since I was fifteen years old. Started off with my own crystal collection and it’s just grown from there. Passion, absolutely if you can do something that you love, I am doing what I love. Spirituality, energy, the crystals, healing, it’s all in my path," Steinbach said.

The readings that are provided at the fair give a different perspective of life to anyone willing to listen.

“It really kind of validates what somebody already knows. What they already know about themselves, a lot of it is really just backing up who they are and finding themselves and giving them different opportunities to learn and become more resourceful about the life that they already live," fair participant at the Crystal Psychic and Healing Fair, Kaleena Siatsis said.

The Crystal Psychic and Healing Fair hasn’t always been located at Christy’s Crystals.

“It’s always been a different venue as to where we have done it. Christy’s and I did vending at music festivals and other events like that for many years and this is like a decade ago. It’s kind of morphed into what it is now," Siatsis said.

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