President Donald Trump makes another Minnesota visit

President Donald Trump makes another Minnesota visit

(KEYC) — The efforts by the Trump campaign are being noticed by many as Election Day is just over a month away.

Members of the Biden for President campaign say President Donald Trump is trying to divide the state.

The president’s appearance in Duluth Wednesday sparked some unrest and also peaceful protests.

President arrives at MSP

President Trump has landed at MSP, ahead of a campaign event in Duluth later this evening.

Posted by KEYC News Now on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

“In my community, people march together peacefully and come together. There are events today in Duluth, since Trump is here, that are about people standing up for each other. Talking, again, about those values of caring for one another and are showcasing that through events in Duluth to let their voices be heard, but have been incredibly peaceful and incredibly heartening to see our community come together to stand against hate," explained Rep. Liz Olson (DFL – 7B), House Majority Whip.

Eric Trump is scheduled to hold a Trump campaign rally in Becker Thursday, while Former Second Lady Jill Biden is scheduled to visit Minneapolis Saturday.

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