Hagedorn denies report his campaign used rent-free office

A story published Friday by Politico alleges the Hagedorn campaign’s FEC reports show no rent payments for the office space rented by the campaign.
Updated: Oct. 12, 2020 at 6:16 PM CDT
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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Congressman Jim Hagedorn denies a report that his campaign used a Mankato office without paying rent.

Hagedorn’s campaign lists a basement suite in The Brett’s Building downtown as his campaign headquarters in Federal Election Commission reports.

A story published Friday by Politico alleges the reports show no rent payments for the space.

Hagedorn’s campaign told KEYC News Now that it only leased a post office box in the building — not office space.

They did say they rented space in the unfinished basement of the building to store signs and hold meetings — and paid $100 as rent.

A tweet from Hagedorn in July 2018 shows several people in that basement, which Hagedorn did refer to as “Hagedorn headquarters.”

Hagedorn’s campaign continues to call the allegations “unfounded and based upon false assumptions, misquotes and inaccurate information.”

Hagedorn’s Democratic opponent, Dan Feehan, released a statement in response to the allegations, saying:

“The slow drip of revelations about ethics violations – and potential illegal activity – by Congressman Jim Hagedorn are not only concerning, they’re a disservice to Minnesota families who need strong representation in Washington in order to recover from the public health and economic crisis we’re facing. After his office was caught funneling nearly $500,000 of our taxpayer money to his staff and their families, nonpartisan ethics experts said that Hagedorn has spent years taking potentially illegal campaign contributions from a wealthy donor and paid him with tens of thousands of dollars in our taxpayer money. Worse yet, when asked about it, Hagedorn and those around him continue to lie and cover up. Only a career Washington operator like Jim Hagedorn would know how to cheat southern Minnesota taxpayers so effectively. He is unfit to serve.”

Hagedorn’s campaign’s full statement in response to Friday’s report:

"Last week’s article by notorious pro-Democrat operative Daniel Newhauser is unfounded and based upon false assumptions, misquotes and inaccurate information. The Friends of Hagedorn campaign has neither leased campaign office space in what is known as the Brett’s building in Mankato, nor any other location.

"The campaign has utilized a USPS post office box, associated with Suite 007, beginning in 2013. The P.O. Box remains in use today, and all arrangements are made directly with USPS. Suite 007 is not a room or office suite; it is a P.O. Box. Thus, the article’s premise is blatantly false.

“From March 2018 through November 7, 2018, the campaign rented an unfinished basement location in the Brett’s building to store signs and hold meetings. The payment of $100 is recorded on the Friends of Hagedorn FEC report for the 2018 election cycle.”

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