Halloween costumes, decorations in high demand despite pandemic

Halloween costumes, decorations in high demand despite pandemic

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Trick or treating may look different for many families this Halloween.

But at Fun.com, it’s business as usual during a busy October.

“We start to see costume sales really picking up in September, usually with the kids' stuff first, and then those last-minute adult shoppers are kind of around the last week or so,” Fun.com Creative Services Director Dianna Lyngholm said.

An emporium for all things Halloween, Fun.com, and its sister website, HalloweenCostumes.com, is the largest online retailer for Halloween costumes in the world.

And despite a pandemic, more people are purchasing Halloween apparel now than at this time last year.

The North Mankato warehouse will complete 1.3 million shipments this October — 200,000 more than October 2019. This, after a busier than usual Easter season, another popular time for seasonal apparel.

“We actually saw an increase in Easter bunny costume sales, which is like, ‘what?’ so we’re like ‘Halloween might actually happen this year.’ People just want to fund a way to celebrate," Lyngholm added. "They’ve been cooped up, right? So they’re going to do something different. It might not be trick or treating for all or for some or for many. It might be, you’re watching Hocus Pocus at home in a witch costume.”

The typically popular costumes — Spiderman, pink ladies and anything warm and fuzzy — are around again this year, but you might notice a new twist to costumes in your neighborhood.

“Ninjas are also very popular this year, especially, because of the mask that comes with it,” Lyngholm stated.

The 200,000 square foot warehouse is in its most active stretch of the season — and they’re still looking for help.

“We need all the help that we can get to get these orders out. We’re seeing an increase, plus we have [Amazon] Prime Day today and tomorrow,” Lyngholm said.

And if you live more than 40 miles away, Fun.com will put seasonal workers in a hotel, complete with a $25 daily meal voucher, to work full-time as part of the fleet of workers bringing the Halloween spirit to families around the world.

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