BENCHS, City of Mankato strengthening partnership

BENCHS, City of Mankato strengthening partnership

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The City of Mankato and Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society are making efforts to strengthen their ongoing partnership.

Loose animals found in the city will now be brought directly to BENCHS, where staff will provide care to housed animals, return them to their owners or place them for adoption, if necessary. Since May, BENCHS has been providing this service because the animal impound located in Sibley Park was closed due to the pandemic.

“Before at impound, after the five-day stray hold, the city of Mankato would let us have the animals, and then we would put them up for adoption, so that’s what our path has been before. The first five days were down at Sibley park and now the first five days will be with us,” says Andrew Burk, Executive Director at BENCHS.

“So it kind of streamlines this a little bit and becomes more efficient in the end and it’s about community and quality of life and this is better quality for the animals I believe. The resources that Andrew has down there, we continue to expand that and the animals really win in this situation," says Associate Dir. Dan Schisel, Mankato Department of Public Safety.

Just since this new service started in May, more than 115 stray animals were brought to BENCHS, with more than 30 percent of them reunited with their families.

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