Manufacturing gaining steam in the greater Mankato area

MTU Onsite Energy is adding a $13.9 million dollar expansion to its facility, which will be completed in two short years

Manufacturing gaining steam in the greater Mankato area

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Mankato and the surrounding area have been renovating and adding to their already growing manufacturing sector.

One of the bigger additions is the Rolls-Royce and MTU Onsite Energy expansion, which will allow more assembly lines, product testing and new manufacturing positions for their back-up power generation systems.

“As things move more towards the digital age, more and more data centers need readily available power so those are some of our bigger customers. In order to cover that demand we’re expanding the only production facility in North and South America to meet those needs," senior manufacturing engineer at MTU Onsite Energy, Scott Hoffman said.

Since business has been booming for MTU over the years, they were chosen for a $13.9 million investment in its Power Systems business.

The main part of the expansion will add a 28,000 square foot wing to the facility’s existing assembly hall and will take two years to complete.

This, as manufacturing becomes a bigger piece of the region’s growing economy.

“When you breakdown the industries across the board we’re pretty diverse because we have a strong education presence here, a strong health care presence here, but manufacturing is very important," director of regional business intelligence at Greater Mankato Growth, John Considine said.

As the industry gains steam, our community sees other benefits, too

“MTU, Nidec and Blue Star Power Systems, they have a big impact and employ a lot of people because they’re in the manufacturing sector. They bring new money into our economy," Considine said.

Scott Hoffman, senior manufacturing engineer at MTU Onsite Energy believes there is a bright future for manufacturing in the Mankato area.

“I think being a central hub in Southern Minnesota helps with that advantage and I think people will start to see it as bigger companies move here.”

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