Minnesota Senate passes $1.8 billion bonding bill

The Minnesota State Senate passes a bonding bill that funds several statewide projects

Minnesota Senate passes $1.8 billion bonding bill

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KEYC) — The Minnesota Senate approved a $1.87 billion bonding bill Thursday.

The vote comes a day after the House finally broke months of partisan stalemate, approving the public works and infrastructure package.

The Senate voted bipartisan 64-3 to send the bill to Gov. Tim Walz for his signature. In the House, 25 Republicans crossed over Wednesday to give the supermajority the legislative needed.

Locally in the Mankato area, legislative funds will go to the restoration of the Minnesota River riverbank, building upgrades at Minnesota State University Mankato and Caswell Park in North Mankato and phase two of the St. Peter Regional Treatment Center renovation. A full list of the local and statewide projects included can be accessed here.

In a released statement. Democratic Sen. Nick Frentz said:

“We have more than $5 billion of requests to improve crumbling, public buildings and infrastructure across our state. These investments ensure access to safe drinking water, housing that is affordable, public safety and upkeep for the higher education institutions," unquote.

Meanwhile, Rep. Jeremy. Munson (R-Lake Crystal) who voted against the passing, voiced his opinion on the statewide disbursement of legislative funds.

“There’s a lot of nonessential projects and big corporate bailouts and subsidies. There’s a lot of projects not essential, theaters, amphitheaters, skate parks and sport complexes that were not essential needs because all those dollars have to be offset by cuts to human, health services and education,” said Munson.

The bill will also provide tax relief by allowing farmers and small business owners to deduct large equipment purchases.

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