Sherburn Theatre gets help from community

The people of Sherburn lend a helping hand when the theatre was hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic

Sherburn Theatre gets help from community

SHERBURN, Minn. (KEYC) — The Sherburn Theatre, like many other businesses, hit a rough patch amid the pandemic.

They were almost forced to close their doors when a couple of concerned citizens offered to lend a helping hand by getting businesses to sponsor the licensing fee for some of the movies.

“Every time that we have asked for support, it’s been given so this fall or summer I guess when Nikki and I spoke and there was a need to have some local sponsors for movies. It’s seemed like a no-brainer and an easy way for us to step up," said Stephanie Wohluter, community supporter and volunteer.

Community member Abby Shoen was one of the few to kick-start the initiative and even host the first weekend as a sponsor.

She didn’t want a place that holds great value to the town and herself to close.

“It’s a great thing for the community and I would hate to see it close just because there is no new films or they’re basically being forced to close," Shoen said.

The businesses range from banks, appliance stores, auto shops and even community members just wanting to pitch in to save a staple in their region.

“The word got out and the more the community members stepped up and it just blossomed into this wonderful thing and now we have movies scheduled out until the first week of May already," explained Cheri Frank, an employee at the Martin County Star.

The commitment and drive Martin County has shown to keep the Sherburn Theatre alive brings tears of joy to co-owner Nikki Schwartz’s eyes.

“That’s just really really really amazing and truly appreciated because I love showing movies and that’s what we do."

Shopping local and supporting small businesses is something that is important to the town of Sherburn.

“It’s an asset that once we lose, it’s hard to get back and we know that from experience here," Wohluter said.

The theatre and community members would like to thank all the sponsors that chipped in to help.

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