Get Out the Vote event joined by U.S. Senators, local leaders

Get Out the Vote event joined by U.S. Senators, local leaders

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - United States Senator Tina Smith of Minnesota joined leaders in Mankato and across the state for the Get Out the Vote event hosted at Sibley Park.

Senator Smith was joined by U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota State Auditor Julie Blaha, U.S. House Candidate Dan Feehan, State Senator Nick Frentz and other guests.

The event encouraged attendees to cast their ballots early and to get to the polls. “It’s important to vote early this year for a lot of reasons, and we now have the ability to track the early voters and talk to those voters that haven’t voted yet and encourage them to the polls. Democracy works best when more people vote, and Minnesota’s famous for high voter turnout,” said Frentz.

Smith spoke on the impact that your vote can have on our upcoming election adding, “Minnesota is the land of close elections. We tend to have very close elections which is another sign of how important your voice is. In past elections in Minnesota, just one or two votes a precinct have made the difference in who won and who lost and the work that we’re able to get done in Washington D.C.”

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