Minnesota Department of Health allows nursing home visits

The Minnesota Department of Health loosened restrictions for assisted living and nursing homes to allow visitors inside.

Minnesota Department of Health allows nursing home visits

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - “There is a lot of good energy here today, I can just feel the difference walking in here today. Just this little piece that I think we’re getting back is really important and a really big deal to a lot of people," community relations manager at Ecumen Pathstone Living, Laura Templin said.

Spirits are high at Ecumen Pathstone Living as visitors are allowed to visit loved ones inside the facility for the first time since the pandemic started.

The Minnesota Department of Health has loosened their restrictions for living facilities.

Visitors can make appointments online or call into Pathstone to request a one hour visiting session where they can talk in the lobby, take a walk outside or even see their loved ones rooms.

Mother Lyla Henry was especially thrilled to show off her room to her daughter, Laura.

“There is a lot of frogs up there. She got moved to a new room during COVID and I couldn’t go to her room so this is my first time. I am very excited to see her room."

The facility is following Minnesota Department of Health guidance by screening everyone who comes in, taking their temperature and asking them health questions.

Masks are also required.

Visitors are over the moon to even get a little bit of normalcy back.

“People have been waiting for this since March of 2020. We have not been able to allow people into our building we’ve been very careful, but we’re really really excited. This is a really big day for residents, family members and for us employees to finally see people reunited is really really great," Templin said.

Loved ones have expressed how grateful they are for the opportunity to get to see one another in person.

“There are no words to describe how important it is especially for her. I get to be out and about in the community, but she is here in her room. Having visits and people close by means a lot," daughter and visitor, Laura Henry said.

With all of the curve balls that 2020 has given, it’s heartwarming to see some good finally come out of it.

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