Governor Walz visits Mankato to encourage voting

Governor Walz visits Mankato to encourage voting

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Governor Walz visited Mankato today to encourage southern Minnesota residents to vote. Walz was joined by numerous guest speakers including state senator Nick Frentz, Amy Feehan, and student leaders from Minnesota State University.

Walz stressed the importance of getting to the polls early as voting in this year’s election will impact a wide array of issues. “From COVID-19 to school funding, to our relationships to the rest of the world, to how our farm commodity prices work and the prices you pay at the grocery store, all of these things matter. This democracy, as we’ve seen, can be very fragile. There’s a reason why we’re the longest lasting democracy because every other one has failed up until this point." Walz said. “My vote counts the same as anybody else’s vote."

Walz also spoke on the significance that the improvements of the newly passed bonding bill will provide to Minnesotans.

He added, “The bonding bill’s a smart investment and Minnesotans know that you build for the future. We proposed this thing back in January. I think it should have been done about 8 months ago, but it’s better late than never, but this was local projects by local mayors and Minnesotans understanding we can build for the future. Just like your house; if the roof needs a patch, you fix it. If you need an added room on, you add a room on. Those are increasing the value of your investment. Here in Minnesota, projects around roads, bridges, water treatment plants, the university Minnesota State.”

Governor Walz' visit to Mankato was a stop on his tour around southern Minnesota.

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