Minnesota Supreme Court candidates encourage voter involvement

Minnesota Supreme Court candidates encourage voter involvement

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The upcoming election will decide who fills a seat on the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Voting for Justices is on the backside of the ballot, which incumbent Justice Paul Thissen reminds voters to actually fill out.

Justice Thissen is running against perennial candidate Michelle MacDonald who is making her fourth bid for the state’s high court. Both candidates have been actively campaigning to promote voter participation in nonpartisan races as well.

“You get your ballot, and on the front, you know, it’s President and U.S. Senator and your legislative offices, but there is a backside to it," said Justice Thissen. "It’s going to have a lot of judges listed, often many of them unopposed, but for our Supreme Court race, the race that I’m running for, there is a contested race. So, again, I’m really encouraging people to not stop at the end of the first page and turn it over and fill in the circles.”

More information on both Minnesota Supreme Court candidates can be found at www.mnbar.org/public-resources/judicial-candidate-information.

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