Authorities warn of increase in motor vehicle thefts

Authorities warn of increase in motor vehicle thefts

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The Mankato Department of Public Safety is warning the public after seeing a recent increase in vehicle thefts.

Authorities have taken eleven reports of car thefts in Mankato since November 1st. Mankato Public Safety says it’s crucial for people to lock their vehicles, keep the windows rolled up, park in well-lit areas, and keep the interior empty so thieves aren’t tempted to steal or break into your vehicle.

“Removing those keys and keeping your vehicle locked. As it gets colder and the temperature drops, we like to start our vehicles and get into a warm vehicle. Unfortunately, many people do not leave them locked at that time. In some cities, it is even illegal to run them, start your vehicles and let them run,”

Of course, police remind the public it’s always helpful to report any suspicious activity.

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