USDA announces funding for animal disease outbreak

USDA announces funding for animal disease outbreak

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KEYC) - The U.S. Department of Agriculture announces funding for Minnesota to prevent and combat animal disease outbreaks.

The $2.6 billion in funding, made possible through the 2018 farm bill, will be awarded to programs at the University of Minnesota and Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Officials say the impact of the 2015 avian flu on Minnesota farmers, communities, and the food supply chain was a big factor in making sure Minnesota is ready for a future animal disease outbreak.

“A cop was in front of our house. They told me to move my car to the end of the road. We got ourselves back to the house. Next, you know it, the cop came back up to the house and said hey get your daughter, get whatever you can, leave, you need to go. So grabbed my daughter, we booked it down to the car, got safely out of there, and here we sit,”

Crews remained on scene overnight to put out hot spots. No details have released on injuries or a cause. The State Fire Marshall arrived on site this morning to begin investigating.

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