West Mankato Holiday Lights bring festive cheer to Mankato

West Mankato Holiday Lights bring festive cheer to Mankato

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - West Mankato Holiday Lights started on Sunday and will run through Christmas Day. Anyone looking for some holiday fun can check out the light displays in the west Mankato neighborhood.

Visitors can also make a donation to local food pantries. You can drop off a food item in one of the collection boxes along the tour. The display was all organized online. Homeowners decorated their own houses in an effort to provide some much needed holiday fun.

“Some people have decorated up and down the roof and the whole front yard. You know, all those blow-up [lawn decorations] now, you just turn on the fan and you have, you know, an instant decorating thing!” said west Mankato resident, Brad-Lee Guss.

Like the Guss family, several neighbors went all out this year to make their display extra special.

“I guess we’re just probably lucky to live in a town where people go around and they’ll look at the lights and, you know, I guess make the best of this year, right?”

This is the first time the community is holding the event. They hope to continue it for years to come. To find more information on the West Mankato Holiday Lights and donations to local food pantries, visit the neighborhood’s Facebook page.

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