Mankato Area Public Schools launches new Online Study Center

It’s a chance for students to get some tutoring, helping them navigate today’s online learning.

Mankato Area Public Schools launches new Online Study Center

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Mankato Area Public Schools is working with the City of Mankato, Greater Mankato Area United Way and Mayo Clinic Health System to give kids an extra resource to use to help them reduce some stress from distance learning.

They are offering a free Online Study Center for students in grades 6-12 who are in the School District 77.

This online tutoring center is focused on not just one subject, but all of them.

“General subjects so not just history, but science, math. So, we are just trying to provide extra help for students that need a little extra help. The district is trying to provide another resource for these students to get general help,” Online Study Center tutor Tony Broskoff said.

You can obtain this resource in three easy steps, one login to your MAPS student portal, two select the online study center app and three access MAPS staff for specific help.

The center takes teachers from around the school district and have them become tutors. They help students who are struggling in a particular subject.

MAPS teachers will meet with you through the students’ Google Meet, but this program is only available on scheduled school days.

“Google Meet is something that they use every day in their classes, so they can use this very effortlessly and independently,” said Melanie Schmidt, youth development program coordinator for MAPS’ community education and recreation department.

MAPS wanted to focus more on secondary grades for this program due to the more intensive workload they are experiencing with school going online.

“The rigor of their work and the preparation that they need to stay on target goals for college and college and career readiness,” Schmidt said.

Even though the program is in its beginning stages, the staff members involved say they already know how important this study center is for the students who need that extra push.

“It’s very vital, because I think it tells our students that ‘hey we are here to support you, there is extra help if you need it and want it’,” Broskott said.

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