Local pet sanctuary in need of donations amid COVID-19 impact

Local pet sanctuary in need of donations amid COVID-19 impact

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The Furball Farm Pet Sanctuary in Faribault broke ground on their new facility Saturday, but the sanctuary is in need of donations due to the impacts of COVID-19.

The family-owned facility houses many animals, mainly felines, who are abandoned.

The organization takes cats deemed unadoptable from clinics and humane societies all over the state of Minnesota.

The sanctuary serves as a second chance at life.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, they haven’t been able to host their regular, annual fundraisers.

“We get more calls because of COVID. People were unable to spay and neuter over the spring and summer, so it’s a huge problem with kittens and feral mamas, which is why we are very full. We take in the outside ones that have no place to go. They’re outside and they’re freezing to death,” says Julie Marvets, Founder and Director of Furball Farm Pet Sanctuary.

The sanctuary provides housing, food and medical care for each animal. Rehabilitation efforts are also carried out to make some felines adoptable. No injured cat is ever turned away, no matter their condition.

The shelter accepts food, litter, toys and monetary donations. They also have an Amazon shopping list for those who prefer touchless options. Additionally, Furball Farm operates on volunteer help. With flexible hours and openings available, the sanctuary is abiding by COVID-19 safety guidelines to still welcome helpers into the facility.

“It’s going to have heated floors. It’s going to have isolation rooms. It’s going to be able to house 150 cats. We are going to be able to help way more than we do now. We’re going to have a ‘catio’ that’s going to be four times the size of our catio right now, 17 windows, we all know cats like windows. We have people that like to woodwork, and they’re going to put like scoops and ramps all over the walls,” Marvets continued.

Those wishing to adopt, make a donation of any kind or volunteer at the farm should visit Furball Farm Pet Sanctuary on Facebook for more information.

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