MDH reminds Minnesotans to keep their guard up against COVID-19

MDH reminds Minnesotans to keep their guard up against COVID-19
(Source: AP)

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is reminding residents and essential workers to continue to follow safety guidelines as the fight against COVID-19 is as active as ever, especially in the holiday season. With vaccines making the rounds this week, the MDH is urging Minnesotans to not let their guard down.

MDH says the vaccine is a great step forward in the fight against the Coronavirus, but people should stay aware of the current case counts, which indicate we are still at a level of crisis.

Especially with the holidays around the corner, large social gatherings are posing a risk of a spike in our already elevated case counts.

“Yesterday, we reported so many deaths. We are now having more people die of COVID in one week than die on Minnesota’s highways in an entire year. This is absolutely mind boggling how this disease is killing people, hospitalizing people, and severely disrupting our lives,” says Dan Huff, Assistant Health Commissioner.

MDH also warns those who are celebrating the holidays with extended family and friends to make a conscious effort to wear masks, keep your distance and wash your hands often.

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